a commissioned painting can be any
subject - a holiday scene, flowers, pets
and animals, a still life, an abstract, houses
and buildings, industrial scenes, bridges,
old historical photos, gardens,
cars and boats, anything...
contact me to enquire

a unique gift - there's nothing like it...
consider commissioning a painting as a gift to
commemorate an important occasion

commission paintings to match decor
and to fit particular spaces

contact me to ask any questions about commissioning a painting





some commissions are trickier than others
'18,263 days amongst the blooms'
this wedding anniversary commission required
full colour from a black and white photo,
an arch over a cobblestoned path,
in the english countryside,
with rose vines over the arch,
with 6 red roses for mr & mrs blooms
6 children, and 16 pink roses for their
grandchildren, and a scrolled plaque
to commemorate the date:

to frame or not to frame

my paintings are on gallery wrapped stretch canvas, painted around
the edges and wired ready to hang straight away or frame

if you choose to frame
framing becomes an integral part of a painting
consider going large and use inserts for depth
or stick to a simple shadow box frame
- oil and acrylic paintings do not require glass

framing is expensive
choose carefully - a frame can make or break your painting

sample of a simple shadow box frame:

contact me if you have any questions about commissioning a painting



historical scenes